Shouts From The Stands- Do you think the Rockies made a good choice with picking Walt Weiss as manager?

I know it’s a little late in the season to ask that question, but on a radio station I listen to (not the station for the Rockies games) they were joking about how Weiss might be a bad manager. I’m skeptical on it, since I’m more concerned about how well the Broncos head coach John Fox is doing. Sadly this is not a Broncos blog. So what do you think?


Majority of games won by Rockies against rival Giants

Sunday’s game was a final lock to whether or not the series would be a draw or if the Rockies would win. Even though either way the Giants would lose, they played a game Sunday, and it was NOT a failure.Image

Righty Juan Nicasio hurled six shutout innings during the game last night. This was the Rockies second shutout of the season. With two Giants on and Brandon Belt facing a full count with two out in the sixth, Nicasio wanted to throw a fastball. But he threw a slider, down (suggested by Yorvit Torrealba) and this strategy worked out.ImageImage

In the first inning, I remember Tulo was up at bat with Young and Gonzalez on base. He got an RBI and Young brought it home for a run, even though Gonzalez and Tulo got out.Image

Dexter Fowler went 4-for-5 during the game last night, tying a single-game high for hits.Image

Last night, Eric Young went 2-for-5 to lift his home average to .328.

Tonight, the Rockies face the undefeated Patrick Corbin, a 6-0 D-Backs pitcher. If Corbin shut down the Braves to improve to 6-0, this might be a problem. But luckily, our pitchers have some arsenal, too. While I’m skeptical on offense, I know exactly how well the Rockies are on defense. So even though they might not score, they could prevent the Diamondbacks from scoring.

Rox win 2 out of 3 games so far against the Giants

With the Rockies winning the majority of games so far on home turf, it becomes apparent that a miracle was in the works in last night’s game. An afternoon game will end the battle against the rival Giants. And last night? Call it a grand slam-winning by 8 points, 10-2.Image

Tyler Chatwood played an impressive game against the giants last night, allowing a single run in 5 2/3 innings. Even his worst pitch worked out for the Rockies. “That was awesome,” Chatwood says. “For that to work out like it did was pretty good.”Image

“[Tyler’s] A great competitor,” Weiss says. “He’s really done a nice job…”Image


Tulo went 4-for-5 in last night game and scored along with CarGo, who both scored 2 runs.



After the Giants game this afternoon, the Rockies will face another rival- the Diamondbacks. But for now, we’re just hoping the miracle is still in action.

Getting angry about the Rockies has never been worse.

Last night’s game was a crucial effort to get looked at like they have a chance. And when the worst team of the league wins against the Rockies, I can’t even show my face.Image


Although Jon Garland here almost reached 100 pitches he exits the game after allowing three runs in five innings. He took his fourth loss of five starts with over 38,000 spectators at Wrigley Field last night. “I don’t want to come out of these games,” Garland says. ‘It’s not my choice. I’d like to see if I could give the team a chance. Seems like I’m hurting rather than helping…”Image


As though Todd Helton played well, they dropped two of three in the series on a road trip to St. Louis and Chicago. “It’s always important when you’re playing against the division and we need to get back to dominating back at home,” the first baseman says of the game against the Giants. .Image


When Josh Outman gave out three runs in the seventh inning, Weiss has explained on several occasions that the Rockies have four terrific pitchers-Jon Garland,  Jhoulys Chacin, Jorge De La Rosa, and last but not least, Juan Nicasio. All of these pitchers missed large amount of games due to injuries last year. In fact, Garland’s shoulder surgery in 2011 caused him to miss 2012.Image

As the Rockies start a three-game period tonight against the Giants, the team is going to have to triple the efforts from the middle game against the Cubs. The Rockies star? CarGo. Giant’s star? Make that plural. I won’t be as mad if the Rockies lose on this one, but still, go out your first day back and win.

Cubs beat the Rockies? Well, it just blew it in your face, Chicago!

If there’s one thing to get embarrassed about, it’s losing to the worst team in the league. Of course, on the first game against the Cubs, the Rockies LOSE. And Chicago went wild.Image


Chicago could take attention away from the White Sox. But not for long.






As the Rockies went into the middle game against the Cubs, they discovered that when you mess with them it would come back to bite you. A 9-4 win for the Rockies was sealed from none other than Cargo, who went 5-for-5 throughout the entire game.Image


Gonzalez went in the game 2-for-14 on the current trip in Chicago, not to mention 8-for-38 with 16 strikeouts ever since May 3. “That was a bad stretch,” Gonzalez had said. “Our pitchers were doing a tremendous job, but it’s a strain when you can’t get runs up on the board- we couldn’t even get a guy in the scoring position.”Image

Jeff Francis struck out seven and gave up three hits in six innings, which is good for the Rockies and just plain bad news for the Cubs.Image

Aside from Gonzalez, Eric Young was able to get a home run in that night-his first of the season. “Maybe this game will get us going again, the way WE know we like to, and carry over to tommorrow,” he says of last night’s game.Image


“You’re not going to bang the ball around every night in this league  It’s just not possible,” manager Walt Weiss says. “We’ve got a lot of offensive talent and a lineup that could explode at any time. We’ve had to grind through this tough time for a week or so…”


As the Rockies go into tonight’s finale against the Cubs, Jon Garland is looking to go deep. Garland, who went five innings in his past two starts, could seal the Rockies that win that could get them not looked at as funny throughout the remainder of May.


Catch the game live at MLB.TV at 6:05 MT, 7:05 CT. Cubs fans, you’re rooting for a worthless team right now- better find a different hobby.