Rockies win half of a 2-game period in Houston against the Astros, continuing face-off on Colorado soil

I want to keep this short and simple, so here we go.


In Houston, the Rockies got off to a rough start, losing 3-2-very humiliating. But the Rockies shot back the next game, winning 2-1 with hits by Tulo and others.


Even though they still face the Astros, the Rockies return to Coors Field for the remainder of May. I’m glad summer’s coming, because that’s when baseball stands out alone, and when there’s nothing else on TV, you could just watch some baseball, even if your favorite team isn’t playing. Of course the Rockies were playing that night, but I caught a little bit of another game. I’ve sort of changed my minds about fans, them being devoted and all. Because sometimes, even I have to open up my own cage.


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