Loss of Garland in finale brings down defensive power with a score of 7-3, Rockies win only 1 game out of a 3 game series in San Fransisco

It occurs to me time and time again and California is a clone of heaven; sunny weather, great beaches, and let’s not get into the ladies.


But it becomes obvious that hell overcame paradise when the Rockies took on the Giants only to be humiliated, only winning one game out of the 3-game period. It’s not so much about the offense in the games (though it could have been), the pitchers seemed to be out of luck-especially Jon Garland, who lasted only five innings in this start. Garland gave up 7 runs and threw 102 pitches in the five innings that he played. But that was not enough, losing the game by 4 runs.


However, the Rockies face the Houston Astros, who have only won 14 games this season-the second-lowest amount of games won. With luck and good pitcher training, the Rockies could win against the Astros in the period and head against the Los Angeles Dodgers feeling more relaxed than ever.


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