Rockies knock Diamondbacks off as division leaders after winning 2 out of 3 games against Arizona, heading to San Francisco with confidence

Despite the weather the Rockies had to play in against Arizona, there was a clear sky, having knocked the Arizona Diamondbacks off the top and taking it’s place. Ironically, when the title came to them, they were actually playing the Diamondbacks. 2/3 of the game was won by the Rockies, and others have gained hope. While some are now stressed for the weeks to come against the Houston Astros, others feel more relaxed, as the Rockies are heading out to the Golden State against the Giants, which they shut out after a win in a 4-game period. Still, the Rockies are not playing home, so there could be a possibility the Giants could feel more relaxed and win tonight. But for now, let’s just keep our chins up.


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