What I Expect From The Rockies This Year

So, my father says that the Rockies would win 50 games. He said 50 games out of, maybe, 160 games or something? Of course, since this is my team he’s talking about, I wanted to prove him wrong. I asked him if he had any proof, and he said the Rockies suck. Now, after he said that the Rockies were going to win that many games, I was miffed. But saying that my favorite team sucks? You might as well classify me a white flame. I tried to keep my calm,, saying that this wasn’t true. I also countered my affect asking him how they can suck this year. He shrugged and said, “Last year.”

My father only watches baseball in September. It explains a lot.

But, I realized, he was right. The Rockies did stink up MLB last year. I mean, seriously. I’d really hope that the Rockies would do good this season. And the only reason I’m posting this is because the Rockies game was postponed because of snow. Frankly, I thought they were playing in New York, but that’s not the point here.

Of course I want the Rockies to make it to the World series, but that’s not what I expect here…

I want Cargo, Tulo, and Fowler to get batting averages higher than .400 and there will be no excuses. I also want at least 100 home runs per season, 125 RBIs, and, what else was I gonna post? Oh yeah, WIN MORE THAN FIFTY GAMES HERE, COLORADO. I’M COUNTING ON YOU. I’VE GOT MY LUCKY SHIRT, MY LUCKY FOAM FINGER, MY LUCKY CAP. DON’T BLOW THIS FOR ME.

Maybe I went a little crazy here, but again, that’s not the point. Rockies fans, catch the Colorado Rockies battle the New York Mets at 11:00 AM MST on Root Sports. Catch your local sports radio station to hear the action play out. See you after the game.


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