Bye-Bye Helton!

It’s been a couple months since I bothered myself with this, but as you would probably know, the Rockies did not have a good season afterwards and were not in the MLB playoffs. It’s late news, I know. I didn’t really bother with this until, what, five months later? Wow, am I lazy. Anyways, I just wanted to say congratulations to the Boston Red Sox for beating the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series, especially after the bombings at the Boston Marathon. But as you might already know…Todd Helton is no longer playing for the Colorado Rockies. He’s played for a long time and I respect that, it’s just the Rockies will most likely have a notable change without him. But at least CarGo didn’t leave, and Tulowitzki has stayed. Oh, well. I’ll most likely sulk during the Rockies home opener in March without Todd Helton. :/

Rockies hurt all over after losing to the Astros 7-5, head up against the Los Angeles Dodgers only to suffer the same humiliating defeat

I’ll tell you now that it takes no genius to understand that by now, they’re not at the top of the Western Division food chain.


Losing to the Astros 7-5 was something I could not cover the 30th and yesterday due to a physical, but I’m just here to focus on last night’s game. Though Helton, a veteran slugger, punched in a towering hit in the 9th that tied up the score, the Rockies fell short of the mark last night. I’m close to trying to find something else to do, but still…

Rockies suffer humiliating defeat against Astros, 6-3, killing their opportunity to win 3-out-of-4 games



When these two went to collide at Coors Field last night, it ended in a very unpleasant loss for the Rockies. 6-3 was the final score when-what do you know?- the Rockies kept them down but they shot back up. Just ask Tulowitski, who hit 2 home runs and a double. But nothing could contain the Astros, not a thing.

Rockies win half of a 2-game period in Houston against the Astros, continuing face-off on Colorado soil

I want to keep this short and simple, so here we go.


In Houston, the Rockies got off to a rough start, losing 3-2-very humiliating. But the Rockies shot back the next game, winning 2-1 with hits by Tulo and others.


Even though they still face the Astros, the Rockies return to Coors Field for the remainder of May. I’m glad summer’s coming, because that’s when baseball stands out alone, and when there’s nothing else on TV, you could just watch some baseball, even if your favorite team isn’t playing. Of course the Rockies were playing that night, but I caught a little bit of another game. I’ve sort of changed my minds about fans, them being devoted and all. Because sometimes, even I have to open up my own cage.

Loss of Garland in finale brings down defensive power with a score of 7-3, Rockies win only 1 game out of a 3 game series in San Fransisco

It occurs to me time and time again and California is a clone of heaven; sunny weather, great beaches, and let’s not get into the ladies.


But it becomes obvious that hell overcame paradise when the Rockies took on the Giants only to be humiliated, only winning one game out of the 3-game period. It’s not so much about the offense in the games (though it could have been), the pitchers seemed to be out of luck-especially Jon Garland, who lasted only five innings in this start. Garland gave up 7 runs and threw 102 pitches in the five innings that he played. But that was not enough, losing the game by 4 runs.


However, the Rockies face the Houston Astros, who have only won 14 games this season-the second-lowest amount of games won. With luck and good pitcher training, the Rockies could win against the Astros in the period and head against the Los Angeles Dodgers feeling more relaxed than ever.

Rockies knock Diamondbacks off as division leaders after winning 2 out of 3 games against Arizona, heading to San Francisco with confidence

Despite the weather the Rockies had to play in against Arizona, there was a clear sky, having knocked the Arizona Diamondbacks off the top and taking it’s place. Ironically, when the title came to them, they were actually playing the Diamondbacks. 2/3 of the game was won by the Rockies, and others have gained hope. While some are now stressed for the weeks to come against the Houston Astros, others feel more relaxed, as the Rockies are heading out to the Golden State against the Giants, which they shut out after a win in a 4-game period. Still, the Rockies are not playing home, so there could be a possibility the Giants could feel more relaxed and win tonight. But for now, let’s just keep our chins up.

Quick Post- Rockies Lose 5-1 To Division Leader D-Backs

As of defense, there was a slow slum from Sunday’s game, but they managed to score one point. As for defense, obviously the pitchers could not play a shutout game and therefore lacked the win needed last night. I understand that it is not the Rockies fault that this happened, but I just wish the winning streak could last for longer, especially against the Diamondbacks.